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Irene Mary & The Cosmical Cometan

Alternative title: Catholic & Cosmic

The Astronist Institution is pleased to publish for the first time the exquisite piece titled Irene Mary & The Cosmical Cometan commissioned in August 2020 by the Astronist Institution and completed in November 2020 by British artist David Young.

Commissioned to coincide the initial launch of the Cause for Beatification of Irene Mary Taylor, the grandmother of Cometan, the piece represents a beautiful physical coming together by the holding of hands of an old religion (Catholicism) with a new religion (Astronism). The old is encapsulated by the figure of Irene Mary as the grandmother, the guide, and the teacher while the new is encapsulated by Cometan as the grandson, the listener, and the follower. It is remarkable how David Young has managed to capture a personal relationship between a grandmother and her grandson whilst simultaneously capturing a universal message of the coming together of two faiths.

Irene Mary is depicted with the Catholic halo denoting her post-corporeal state following her departure of this life. Her carrying of the crucifix and her wearing of the mantilla encapsulate her exemplary status for all Catholics and will serve her path to beatification well. Cometan is depicted gesturing the unique tridian with his fingers along with his own cosmical halo as is customary in the Astronist religion. The deep purple background, the use of rich colours for the clothing and the depictions of stars as the setting for this Cosmic Catholicity certainly complete this piece and give it an unrivalled distinctiveness.

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