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A New Dawn for

Traditionalist Catholicism


Featuring a large collection of resources on the lives of Irene Mary Taylor and Derrick Taylor including diary entries, newspaper articles, letters and notes written by Irene Mary and separate written pieces by their grandson Cometan.

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A New Dawn for Traditionalist Catholicism

Written by Cometan, Irene Mary Taylor, Derrick Taylor

Published: 11th May 2023

When the Second Vatican Council took place in the 1960s, it catapulted the Catholic Church into the modern, removing some of its old customs and rejuvenating the liturgy for an audience of a truly global Catholic community. Although the Council brought with it many considerable positive changes, there were those who opposed the changes who preferred to keep to the "old ways"; these people were known as traditionalists. Two such traditionalists were the paternal grandparents of Cometan (Founder of Astronism), Derrick Taylor (1930–2011) and Irene Mary Taylor (1932–2015).


In their isolated house down the rambling Longmeanygate just west of the town of Leyland in Lancashire, Derrick and Irene Taylor hosted Tridentine Masses performed by Father Peter Morgan during the 1970s. This book, Traditionalist Catholicism: A New Dawn, provides detailed information about the life stories of this traditionalist couple, particularly how they dealt with the changes to their religion.

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