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This page explores the role of Cometan in the Cause for the Beatification of Irene Mary Taylor as well as the unbreakable bond built between Cometan and his grandmother during Cometan's childhood. 

The grandmother-grandson relationship between the Irene Mary and Cometan is core to the history of Irene Mary's Cause for Beatification and to Cometan's own separate figureship. This relationship, in all its fluctuations and components is key to Cometan's motivation to found the theological system of Irenianism in his grandmother's honour. Motherhood and grandparenthood are also central themes in Irene Mary's figureship and icon that came to shape her own life as well as the legacy she left behind. Irene Mary's Cause for Beatification and its related supporting books and documents have been written from Cometan's perspective so to understand the dynamics of the relationship between Irene Mary and her grandson is to understand Irenian theology and the distinct approach to Catholicism and Catholic life that Irene Mary emblematised.


Irene Mary meets Cometan in July 1998

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