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The book series Cause for the Beatification of Irene Mary Taylor contains works relating to Irene Mary Taylor or to Irenianism written by Cometan or published by Cometanica, the official publisher for Irene Mary's Cause for Beatification. Below you can read descriptions of the books currently announced in this series and also preview them by clicking the button. It is important to read these works to understand firstly why Irene Mary Taylor is being proposed for post-corporeal recognition in the Catholic Church and secondly, to comprehend the fundamental tenets of Irenianism and what it hopes to bring as a theological system of thought and approach to Catholicism and Catholic family life.


A New Dawn for Traditionalist Catholicism.png
A New Dawn for Traditionalist Catholicism

Written by Cometan

Published: 11th May 2023

When the Second Vatican Council took place in the 1960s, it catapulted the Catholic Church into the modern, removing some of its old customs and rejuvenating the liturgy for an audience of a truly global Catholic community. Although the Council brought with it many considerable positive changes, there were those who opposed the changes who preferred to keep to the "old ways"; these people were known as traditionalists.


Two such traditionalists were the paternal grandparents of Cometan (Founder of Astronism), Derrick Taylor (1930–2011) and Irene Mary Taylor (1932–2015). In their isolated house down the rambling Longmeanygate just west of the town of Leyland in Lancashire, Derrick and Irene Taylor hosted Tridentine Masses performed by Father Peter Morgan during the 1970s. This book, Traditionalist Catholicism: A New Dawn, provides detailed information about the life stories of this traditionalist couple, particularly how they dealt with the changes to their religion.


Beatification Story of Irene Mary & Derrick Taylor.png
The Beatification Story of Irene Mary & Derrick Taylor

Written by Cometan

Published: 22nd September 2022

The initial foundations to the notion that Cometan's grandmother, Irene Mary Taylor, should be recognised for her life as a layperson in the Roman Catholic Church first emerged in January/February 2020. Irene Mary was well known for her devotion to Catholicism among her family and acquaintances, yet Cometan saw in her icon and life events an opportunity to reinvigorate Catholic fervour in England and abroad.


In his own endeavour as a religious figure and philosopher as the founder of Astronism, Cometan had made it clear that his paternal grandmother had played a large role in his religious life from infancy and so Irene Mary's Cause for Beatification was the culmination of this destined religious figureship. The Beatification Story of Irene Mary Taylor holds the responsibility of presenting Irene Mary for the recognition in the Roman Catholic Church in whichever capacity the Church deems suitable. The book explores the major remembered life events of Irene Mary Taylor, relates them to Catholic doctrine, and systematises them to form Irenianism, Irene Mary's eponymous Catholic system of thought.


Catholic Conversion An Interview with Derrick Taylor.png
Catholic Conversion: An Interview with Derrick Taylor

Written by Cometan

Published: 24th March 2022

It is unlikely that when the grandfather of Cometan, Derrick Taylor, sat down to participate in an interview with his good friend Judith Shean now almost thirty years ago that all those years later his grandson would have written a book analysing that very interview. On 22nd February 1995, Derrick Taylor agreed to participate in an interview at his home 222 Longmeanygate to reveal his experience as a Protestant turned Catholic. During the interview, Derrick Taylor provided a realistic view of what his life had been like detailing loss, tragedy and suffering. By contrast, he also detailed his predisposition for experiencing interior locutions – divine communications to the ear – which filled him with great elation in times of spiritual crisis. This interview was titled Light a Candle for Me as based on Derrick Taylor's very first interaction with the Sacred Heart of Jesus when he was just seven years old in which he asked his friend's mother to light a candle for him as a metaphor for his journey to Catholicism. What we ultimately learn of Derrick Taylor's character in this 1995 interview is that he held such a dedication to the Catholic faith that he found it difficult to reconcile the fact that the world and the Church were changing.


October Letter Cover.png
Irene Mary's October Letter: An Introduction to Irenianism

Written by Cometan

Published: 23rd December 2021

In October 1998, Irene Mary Taylor penned a letter to the mother of Cometan, Louise J. Counsell regarding the baptism of Cometan. However, in the letter Irene Mary covers topics not just related to her grandson baptism but also regarding her Catholic faith.


The letter has come to form the basis of Cometan's understanding of the beliefs and teachings that his grandmother held so dear to which has come to influence the foundations of her Cause for Beatification and her recognition as a Traditionalist Catholic figure. In this work Irene Mary's October Letter: An Introduction to Irenianism, Cometan provides an exegesis to his grandmother's letter from twenty-three years prior in which the foundations of Irenian theology, or Irenianism, were established.

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