Derrick Taylor (born August 12, 1930 - November 26, 2011) was an English coal miner, gardener and milkman from Coppull, Lancashire who, despite being raised in the Church of England, felt from age seven an instinctual calling to the Catholic faith. Derrick Taylor's conversion to Catholicism officially commenced in September 1950 with help from his Catholic fiancée Irene Mary Taylor who introduced Derrick to Father Patrick McNally of St Mary's Church, Bamber Bridge.


Following the reforms introduced to the Latin Mass by the Second Vatican Council, Derrick Taylor entered a spiritual crisis that ultimately resulted in his experience of interior locution on at least two occasions. Derrick Taylor's experience of interior locution enriched his Catholic faith once more and solidified his faith in Christ and his allegiance to the Pope along the while continuing to attend Latin Mass until he died from ischemic heart disease in 2011.

The Locutions of Derrick Taylor (2022)

The Locutions of Derrick Taylor by David Young (2022).

On the Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1971, a Catholic convert named Derrick Taylor, the grandfather of Cometan, aged 40, entered St Wilfrid's Church in the city of Preston in Lancashire, England. Disgruntled and confused over his Catholic faith as a result of the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, Derrick Taylor feared that the sanctity of the Latin Mass and the sovereignty of the Pope were being eroded from within the Church. In St Wilfrid's narthex, he knelt down before a representation of the Sacred Heart and looked up to the Lord Jesus Christ with a fervent request to be shown a path out of his spiritual crisis. What Derrick Taylor then experienced would come to change the course of his life for his first known experience of interior locution –– God's voice communicated to the human ear –– occurred that very day. Emotional still yet also elated, Derrick Taylor heard the words, "keep up with your Mass. Everything is all right." And so, this is what Derrick Taylor continued to do; he followed the word of God as it was directly spoken to him and attended the Latin Mass no matter the ridicule he knew he would receive.

Official Cover of Catholic Conversion: An Interview with Derrick Taylor

Official Cover of Catholic Conversion: An Interview with Derrick Taylor.

On 22nd February 1995, Derrick Taylor agreed to participate in an interview at his home 222 Longmeanygate to reveal his experience as a Protestant turned Catholic. During the interview, Derrick Taylor provided a realistic view of what his life had been like detailing loss, tragedy and suffering. By contrast, he also detailed his predisposition for experiencing interior locutions – divine communications to the ear – which filled him with great elation in times of spiritual crisis.


This interview was titled Light a Candle for Me as based on Derrick Taylor's very first interaction with the Sacred Heart of Jesus when he was just seven years old in which he asked his friend's mother to light a candle for him as a metaphor for his journey to Catholicism. What we ultimately learn of Derrick Taylor's character in this 1995 interview is that he held such a dedication to the Catholic faith that he found it difficult to reconcile the fact that the world and the Church were changing.


In this interview, which is now often titled the Sceptre Bulletin Interview, Derrick Taylor tells us in his own words what he thought of the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. This book, the Catholic Conversion, is an exegetical work written by Derrick's grandson Cometan some 27 years later that develops his grandfather's words into a set of theological concepts that come to form Derrick Taylor's definitive approach to Catholicism.