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Cause Surrogate is the title of the manager of the Cause for the Beatification of Irene Mary Taylor, the present incumbent of which is Cometan, the grandson of Irene Mary Taylor. The Cause Surrogate is in charge of running, writing and publishing works regarding Irene Mary or the theological system named after her called Irenianism, as well as communicating with the Cause Relator (the official representative of the Catholic Church in relation to the beatification cause).

Who Is Cometan?

Cometan was born on 1st July 1998 in Preston, Lancashire and is one of the many grandsons of Irene Mary Taylor. Cometan was looked after by Irene Mary from a very young age – around three months old – and went on to be taken care of by Irene Mary on a regular basis until he was about eleven or twelve years of age. Irene Mary held a significant impact on Cometan's childhood as a result, exposing him to almost every aspect of Catholic doctrine and the Traditionalist Latin Mass. It is during this time of their interaction and bonding that Cometan has received much of the inspiration for his Cause to beatify his grandmother and to have her become known as a Catholic religious figure.

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In more recent times, Cometan has gone on to study freedom of religion or belief in the field of human rights at PhD level at the University of Central Lancashire. He intends to go on to achieve his doctorate and become a full time academic and lecturer in the field of religious studies. Not only this, but Cometan has written various books on his astronomical religion and space philosophy called Astronism. Although the principle and beliefs of Astronism are far from the Traditionalist Roman Catholic doctrine that his grandmother Irene Mary espoused, Cometan still attributes to influence from his grandmother his religious experiences and his concern for topics related to religious studies, especially religious freedom. Cometan carries on the legacy of Irene Mary in different, new and exciting ways with Astronism, but of course in the context of her Cause for Beatification and in Irenianism, the Traditionalist Catholicism that Irene Mary was so devoted to throughout her life remains the grounding for these component of Irene Mary's legacy.

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