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The Cause for the Beatification of Irene Mary Taylor and The Cause for the Beatification of Derrick Taylor are the official campaigns initiated by Irene Mary and Derrick's grandson Cometan to promote their lay Catholic figureship of his grandparents and to present their systemised teachings in the form of Irenianism in addition to presenting them for post-corporeal recognition in the Catholic Church. The Cause for the Beatification of Irene Mary Taylor centres on Irene Mary's role as a mother and grandmother and how these lay roles in family life became intertwined with Irene Mary's devotion to Catholicism, a quality unattainable for members of the clergy and religious sisters. It is posited that Irene Mary's identity as a Traditionalist Catholic mother and grandmother demonstrates a unique aspect to her Cause for Beatification, an identity that certainly has come to influence the development of her eponymous theological school and system of thought of Irenianism.


Stage One
(18th February 2020 – 8th June 2020)

Stage Two
(9th June 2020 – 15th October 2020)

Stage Three
(16th October 2020 – 19th October 2021)

Cometan has the first inklings of the notion that his grandmother Irene Mary Taylor may possess the potential to be recognised as lay Catholic figure. Crucially at this point, Cometan did not realise there were grounds for the beatification of either of his grandparents.

The October Letter is rediscovered by Cometan's mother Louise J. Counsell on 9th June 2020 in Penwortham. In this moment, Cometan realised that his grandmother possessed such insight in the Catholic faith and an intriguing life story that could form the grounds for her beatification.

Cometan launches the Cause for Recognition of his grandmother Irene Mary Taylor on 16th October 2020. This Stage Three also included the completion of the first official depiction of Irene Mary Taylor under her presentation as a Catholic figure called Irene Mary & The Cosmical Cometan which was published on 21st November 2020.

Stage Six
(21st April 2022 – Present)

Stage Five
(24th February 2022 – 20th April 2022)

Stage Four
(20th October 2021 – 23rd February 2022)

Cometan's book The Beatification Story of Irene Mary & Derrick Taylor is published in unison with the publication of the illustration Bliss Absolute, the third official depiction of Irene Mary Taylor and the second official depiction of Derrick Taylor. Cometan pens a letter to the Pope to ask about whether the Vatican still retains some of his grandmother's letter that were written to Pope Saint John Paul II. Cometan visits Father John Millar regarding his endeavour to have both of his grandparents recognised in the Church.

Cometan publishes his book Catholic Conversion, his own exegesis of Derrick Taylor's interview with the Sceptre Bulletin from 1995. The Locutions of Derrick Taylor, the first official depiction of Cometan's grandfather in effort to his cause, is released in unison with the Catholic Conversion book. Cometan continues to fill in and improve the timeline of his grandparents lives and endeavours to collect as many images of them as he possibly can from family members and relatives.

Cometan discovers a copy of his grandfather Derrick Taylor's Sceptre Bulletin interview from May 1995. Cometan realises that there are grounds for his grandfather to be presented for beatification and subsequently launched Derrick Taylor's own Cause for Recognition. Also during this stage, Cometan created a much clearer timeline of the lives of both Irene Mary and Derrick Taylor, gathered more information about both of their ancestries, published The Lost Shrine of Irene Mary as the second official depiction of his grandmother, and also wrote and edited three books intended to be cause documents.

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