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CAUSES FOR BEATIFICATION is the official website representing the Cause for Beatification of Irene Mary Taylor, an English catechist and Traditionalist Catholic known for her system of Catholic thought Irenianism. This cause aims to achievement recognition of the grandmother of Cometan in the Roman Catholic Church. This cause was first initiated by Cometan and other members of the Taylorian family on 18th February 2020 and was formally launched on 16th October 2020, the fifth anniversary of Irene Mary's death as is tradition in Causes for the Saints of the Catholic Church.


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Official Depiction of Irene Mary Taylor for Beatification Cause. Illustrated by British artist David Young by commission of the Astronist Institution. Officially published on 21st November 2020 following on from the 16th October 2020 Beatification Cause Launch. Click here for further details of this official depiction.


Irene Mary Taylor and Derrick Taylor registering their marriage on 27th March 1954.

Irene Mary Taylor

Born: March 7, 1932 – 11 Maitland Street, Fishwick, Preston, Lancashire

Death: October 16, 2015 – 222 Longmeanygate, Midge Hall, Leyland, Lancashire

Irene Maria Taylor (née Hardacre) was an English Roman Catholic Traditionalist, Marian devotee, catechist, mother to twelve children, and the paternal grandmother of Cometan. Irene Mary dedicated much of her life – especially her later life – to practicing the Catholic faith and ensuring her offspring and their offspring did the same.

Five years after her death, Cometan first had the realisation that his grandmother should be recognised in the Catholic Church for her extraordinary devotion and as part of her Cause for Beatification, Cometan presented his grandmother as Irene Mary, a lay Catholic religious figure, catechist and devotee.

As a consequence of the launch of her Cause for Beatification, what would come to be known as Irenianism then emerged through Cometan's writings on and reflections of his grandmother's life and teachings. Cometan sees in his grandmother's figureship a great opportunity to revive Catholic faith and belief throughout England and the world beyond.

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Irene Mary Taylor and Derrick Taylor sometime in circa 1952.

Derrick Taylor

Born: August 12, 1930 – 27 Chapel Lane, Coppull, Lancashire

Death: November 26, 2011 – Victoria Hospital, Blackpool Lancashire, England

Derrick Taylor was an English Roman Catholic Traditionalist, Marian devotee, catechist, father to twelve children, and the paternal grandfather of Cometan. Derrick experienced interior locutions during his life which prompted Cometan to admiringly refer to his grandfather as a locutionist – that is, a person blessed with the experience of inner divine voices guiding their life decisions.

More insight about the Catholicity of Derrick Taylor was gained from his 1995 interview with Judith Shean in which detailed his desire to become a Catholic from being a Protestant at an early age (around 6 or 7). Derrick also spoke of the trials and tribulations of his life and how his devotion to Catholicism allowed him to persevere through these hard times.

Cometan commenced his grandfather's Cause for Beatification on 20th October 2021 as part of his grandfather's 10th anniversary commemorations. A book titled Catholic Conversion has been announced for 2022 which will provide the full transcript of the aforementioned interview along with Cometan's own exegesis.

The Kindlement of Derrick Taylor.jpg

The Kindlement of Derrick Taylor by David Young (2023).

The Kindlement of Derrick Taylor

Period depicted: 1st July 1938

Artist: David Young

Published: 1st March 2023

On the Feast Day of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1938, a young boy named Derrick Taylor who was living in the mining town of Coppull, Lancashire, experienced a Catholic spiritual awakening that would change the course of his life. Derrick, seven years old at the time, entered his friend Stanley Eastham’s home in Coppull and in the corner of the hallway, saw for the very first time a representation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus candlelit by votive lamps. Derrick walked over to the picture and touched the Sacred Heart, then instantly feeling inside an instinctual draw to the Catholic faith through the devotion.


This moment of elation sparked Derrick’s journey of conversion to Catholicism at age 20 from his childhood religion Anglicanism. Now viewed as a metaphor for his conversion, Derrick asked his friend’s mother to light a candle for him to stand alongside that same picture of the Sacred Heart that had kindled his Catholicity. On that day, the Lord Jesus Christ guided the young boy Derrick to him through his Sacred Heart and it is to this same devotion that Derrick would return throughout his life to guide him through the many tribulations and sufferances he would necessarily endure. The Kindlement is the commencement of Derrick Taylor’s journey in the Catholic faith and embodies the first event of divine intervention in his life. As a result, Derrick’s deep connection to the Sacred Heart was established, a connection that would, some thirty-three years later, effectuate his first experience of divine locution.

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